I have to confess that I have always been a drinker of Coca Cola, particularly when working long hours in kitchens. My excuse is that, as a non-coffee or tea drinker, I need the caffeine and sugar to keep going and where better to get it than Coke?

But, although I am an avid imbiber of the black liquid, I must say I was boggled to hear that the greatest maker of wine glasses – Riedel – has brought out a glass specifically designed for us imbibers. Inspired by the original bottle contour, I am told that it will “deliver the optimal Coca Cola experience in both taste and sound”. The company, which is renowned for producing glasses that are designed to complement the wine (different shapes for different wines) may be right, but at $39.95 each, I certainly won’t be finding out. Just bring back the original bottle I say, but with the original cap – not these bloody awful screw tops – and I’ll be happy. That’ll do for my glass! And, give me one of those original Coke vending machines and I’ll truly be in heaven. Now, there’s a thought Riedel – what about a vending machine in the style of the original to keep both Coke and glasses cold (for an extra $10,000, of course)?

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